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Native Plants

The Ponderosa Garden Center is Cape Cods Native plant destination.

We have a wide selection of native trees and shrubs to help encourage gardeners to plant what grows best in our unique environment here on Cape Cod.

Cape Cod Favorites

New England Favorites

Cape Cod Trees

Cape Cod Perennials

Cape Cod Grasses

Cape Cod Native Favorites:

Beach Plums

Prunus maritima


Vaccinium corymbosum


Myrica pennsylvanica

Sweet fern

Comptonia perigrina


Arctostphylos uva-ursi


Clethra alnifolia

New England Native Favorites:

Paw Paw Trees

Asimina triloba

Sweet Bay Magnolias

Magnolia virginiana

New Jersey Tea

Ceanothus americanus


Ilex glabra


Lindera benzoin


Viburnums dentatum

Trees Native to Cape Cod:

Eastern Red Cedar

Juniper virginiana

White Pine

Pinus strobus


Nyssa sylvatica


Amalanchier canadensis


Betula populafolia

White Oak

Quercus alba

Native Perennials to Cape Cod:

(Will be arriving all throughout the month of April)

Butterfly weed

Asclepias tuberosa


Eurybia spectabilis

Native columbine

Aquilegia canadensis


Solidago sempervirens

Sea lavender

Limonium carolinianum

Pink Tickseed

Coreopsis rosea

Native Grasses:

(Will be arriving all throughout the month of May)

Pennsylvania sedge

Carex pennsylvanica

Little Bluestem

Schizachrium scoparium

Switch Grass

Panicum virgatum

Big Bluestem

Andropogon geradii

American Dune grass

Leymus mollis

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Why We Choose Proven Winners

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